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Welcome to the future! You can now have your document signatures digitally notarized online from your home, office, or anywhere on Earth!.

As a State of Texas commissioned online notary public, I am authorized to perform an online notarization (a.k.a. remote online notarization). The document signer(s) appear remotely before the online notary public, using secure audio-visual conference technology.

Notary Arlington has partnered with DocVerify to provide electronic signatures, document integrity and notary authenticity in the modern age. Your documents can be digitally signed and notarized remotely through a web interface that is legally binding throughout the United States.

Fast, Safe, Secure – using your desktop computer or notebook.

It doesn’t get any easier.



  • Documents Notarized Over the Internet
  • Convenient, Fast and Easy
  • Costs Less than a Mobile Notary
  • DocVerify Web Platform uses Bank Grade Security
  • You Can Be Anywhere in the World
  • Legally Accepted Across the United States
  • Instantly Print or Email Your Notarized Documents
  • Notarized Documents can be Independently Verified

What Do I Need?

  • Desktop or Notebook Computer
  • Built in Camera and Microphone
  • Good Internet Connection (2 Mbps ↑↓)
  • Digitized Document in .pdf Format
  • Valid Government-Issued Identification credential with photo and signature
  • Pass Online Identity Proofing and Credential Analysis
  • Established U.S. Credit History (Sourcing for Identity Proofing KBA questions)
  • Pay Online with Major Credit Card when Scheduling Your Appointment

Remote Online Notarization


Ensure your document is filled out completely except
for signatures at the bottom (no blank spaces). If your
document is paper, scan it into a .pdf digital document.
No Scanner? You can download a free .pdf scanner app
on to your phone and capture the image.

STEP # 1

Complete and Digitize Your Document

Click the Appointments page...
(1) Choose Appointment: Select Online Notarization Service,
then Online Notarization. Select an appointment
date and time. Click the Continue button.
(2) Your Information: Provide your Name, Phone and Email.
Review and complete the Terms and Conditions Section.
Review and complete the Online Notarization Service Intake
, uploading the document file to be digitally signed
and notarized. Click the Complete Appointment button.
(3) Confirmation: Your appointment details are emailed to
you. You will also receive a separate invoice email.

Book an Appointment for Online Notarization

STEP # 2

Once your form and document are received and your
payment is processed, each signer will receive an
email with a link to begin their online credential
analysis and identity proofing process.

Check Your E-Mail Identity Verification

STEP # 3

STEP # 4

Adopting Digital Signatures

Upon successful completion of the credential analysis
and identity proofing, each signer will receive another
email link, prompting them to digitally sign their name
and/or initials. Once all signers have completed their
identity verification and have adopted their digital
signatures, the notary public can begin the online digital
signing ceremony.

STEP # 5

The Online Notarization Session

Each participant will be sent a notification link to join
the notary in the online notary session. All parties will
be able to see and hear one another while the final
notarization takes place. Once all participants are online,
the notary will prompt each participant on signing
or initialing requirements. After all participants have
signed the document, the notary completes the
notarization. Once completed, the online session ends.

STEP # 6

Document Delivery

Each participant will immediately receive an email copy
of the notarized document. Documents may be
printed or saved for safe keeping.
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Please review our FAQ page for additional information on Remote Online Notarizations.

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