Please read carefully!

The following are document requirements for an online notarization:

  • Ensure your document is completely filled out, except for signatures and signature dates. (No blank lines or fields)
  • You must convert your paper document(s) into a digital (.pdf) format.
  • You must either upload your document(s) when booking an appointment online through the website or email them to
  • For customers without document scanning hardware, a smartphone scanner app can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices). Search for “PDF Scanner” to find an app suitable for your needs.
  • A Texas-compliant online notarial certificate must be “attached” to each document notarized.
  • If a Texas-compliant online notarial certificate is not typed directly into your document, the online notary public has the technical capability to “electronically stitch” an online notarial certificate of your choice at the end of your document.
    • You will need to determine the type of Texas online notarial certificate that is appropriate for your needs. I am not an attorney and cannot assist you by recommending a particular online notarial certificate. Doing so would be providing legal advice, which is an unauthorized practice of law (UPL), prohibited by Section 81.101 of the Texas Government Code.
    • You can review sample online notarial certificate forms at the Texas Secretary of State website.
    • If you require additional assistance in selecting a Texas-compliant online notarial certificate, please consult with the document originator, the document recipient, or an attorney.