Please read carefully!

Each participant must be able to comply with all of the following technology requirements.

If the technology requirements cannot be met, the remote online notarization cannot be conducted.

  • Each participant must have their own computer with a camera and microphone (PC or Mac – desktop or notebook computer. No tablets or smartphones.)
  • Each participant must have their own email account. Spousal sharing of a single email account is not permitted for a DocVerify remote online notarization.
  • Each participant’s computer must use specific supported browsers that will allow the browser to access the device’s camera and microphone.
    • Use of any browsers not listed below will most likely result in the required video/audio not working.
    • Windows: The latest version of Google Chrome  or  Firefox  browser
    • Mac: The latest version of Safari browser
  • The camera’s drivers must be properly installed and working properly.
  • The microphone’s drivers must be properly installed and working properly.
  • Both the camera and microphone have been successfully tested/used before within the web browser.
  • Ensure that no other application is accessing or using the camera and microphone (ex: Skype running in the background).
  • Make sure the computer is NOT connected to any VPN’s, either from the web browser or with any other connections.
  • Each participant’s computer must have a good Internet connection (minimum speed of 2 mb/sec upload and download).
  • For camera and microphone troubleshooting, DocVerify provides some guidance.